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Revisiting the night the world closed

Here's the video of Live From Clarksdale's genesis, for folks who heard it on What's Happening with Jim Thorn! Quite something to revisit this night the world closed, and our journey together through the year...

We'll share the full interview from WYAB 103.9FM Jackson MS for those who missed it soon; for now, you can retrace highlights of the year on our blog:

Weird to see the backstory as we originally wrote it in this post: it's what turned out to be THE last "normal" night of 2020. It was a Tuesday at Hambone Art Gallery like all others...except we all felt the world was about to change. We didn't know how. We didn't know that the next night, Red's juke joint would close. And our whole world would stay closed for a year.

We knew festivals had just cancelled and musicians lost gigs (for what we thought would be a few weeks -- HA!)... So it was with pain and strength and Mississippi resilience that Lala Craig belted out the "Louisiana 1927" chorus "They try to wash us away..." and interjected, "But they won't do it."

They didn't. We're still here.

Thanks to each one of you. What a year.

Special thanks to Allen Brown for helping get this clip radio-ready... and everyone who tipped a musician and kept the music and our spirits alive.

Live From Clarksdale: Lala Craig, Mississippi Marshall & Stan Street the last night Hambone was open to the public | March 17, 2020 | Please contact Shared Experiences USA for permission to publish.


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