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Virtual Juke Joint Festival thanks

Well that was fun.

For the #VirtualJukeJoint list of musicians' tip buckets, music & merch:

THANKS for tipping the band, and for juking up around the world at the Virtual @JukeJointFestival.

Thanks to:

❤️ These fabulous musicians for bringing the blues from their living rooms to ours!

❤️ The sponsors who made the event free:@waltonfamilyfdn, @visit_clarksdale and @visitms.

❤️@davidrodwin, the director and brains behind the technical miracle that allowed 27 acts to stream live from around the world in a single feed.

❤️ The woman who singlehandedly did the work of 4 pros behind the scenes (and this isn't even her dayjob!), Brooke Hines.

❤️@TedReedProductions for whipping together a 1hr Juke Joint Festival Revisited Documentary, which so beautifully captures this festival, music, town and people we all love.

❤️@RogerStolle, Nan Hughes, and Bubba O'Keefe, who started the Juke Joint Festival and are the force that makes it all happen -- every year.

❤️ All the venues, businesses and people in Clarksdale who make Juke Joint so special. They're missing everyone this weekend, and can't wait to have y'all back for Juke Joint, April 17 2021...and a REALLY. BIG. PARTY. as soon as this all over.

@LiveFromClarksdale will continue streaming live music here, 7 Nights A Week. Follow us to find each musician's livestream and support them. We'll keep doing this until you can juke up here in person!

@SharedExperiencesUSA will also continue sharing the #BehindTheScenes stories behind the blues, the Delta, and the experiences we all share.

THAT was quite the experience. A first-ever virtual music festival, streaming everywhere from a shack in Clarksdale to a collective in Colombia, bringing together friends all over the world in this otherwise isolating time.

Thanks to all of you who shared this, together.

- Colleen

The Virtual Juke Joint Festival ACTUALLY WORKED behind the scenes at Shared Experiences USA HQ | Clarksdale, MS | April 18, 2020 | (c) Shared Experiences USA


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