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Throwback: Ground Zero, 2006

May is @gzbluesclub's anniversary month; normally they'd be throwing a big party to celebrate.  They asked everyone to post photos from the last 19yrs to celebrate virtually.  Here's mine.  My first few minutes in Clarksdale: Aug. 12, 2006.

I was living in Jackson and roadtripping across Mississippi most weekends.  Amir suggested Clarksdale and the Sunflower Blues Fest was a must-do.  Looks like we parked on Sunflower, near the old Delta Hardware building, and first set foot in Ground Zero.  How apt.

As we devoured a basket of fried green tomatoes, Homemade Jamz was the wunderkind band of siblings onstage then: Ryan and Kyle were 13 and 11.  You can just barely see Taya's head behind the drums; she was 7.

Over a decade later, I'm amazed to be back here, working with incredible talent onstage and behind the scenes.  CONGRATS and THANKS to the whole team at Ground Zero for continuing to be an anchor and a home for Clarksdale's Live Blues, and all of us.

With LOVE,


Shared Experiences USA founder Colleen Buyers sets foot in Clarksdale for the first time with friends Amir, Ryan & Sarah. Photo credit: Ramanjit Kang.

Homemade Jamz onstage and sunflowers outside Ground Zero Blues Club | August 12, 2006 | (c) Colleen Buyers

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