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Summer in September: Memphis' Delta Fair... it's a circus -- no, it's a zoo!

PSA: the Delta Fair ends this weekend in Memphis, and is worth visiting for the petting zoo alone!

When you enter, walk toward the ferris wheel on the left for goofy bearded goats and clowning blue-eyed camels and double-horned sheep and photobombing calves and donkeys and alpacas you can pet and a porcupine (which you can't) and a 75yo tortoise who bosses them all around: they're all raised as friends on a farm together (why can't WE all get along like that?!) and it's pretty much one of the bestest things you'll do all day... in addition to all the classic delights of candy apples and cotton candy and cars and circuses and music and midway games and carnival rides that scream summer, summer, SUMMER for one final weekend

Oh and redneck yacht races; yes, really...

Check for the schedule. You're welcome.

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