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Museum for Sale: Rock & Blues gems in downtown Clarksdale

Tonight's "Boogieman" playing #LiveFromClarksdale is also a historian. Theo Dasbach founded the Rock & Blues Museum, an incredible and thoughtful collection of blues and rock & roll history, in the heart of downtown Clarksdale.

The museum is currently closed. Not because of Covid, but a promise Theo made to his long-supportive wife Cindy: that he would actually retire one day!

While we wholeheartedly support Theo's well-earned retirement, we'd also love to see this gem of a museum reopened. It's for sale. Interested?

Let's talk. Theo will be online rockin' the Bluesberry Cafe tonight at 6pm and maaay say a little something about it between songs.

He's also working on bringing some of the museum's collection online. (Stay tuned!) Seriously: if you're in the market for a blues museum -- call Theo.

Theo Dasbach on the last day the Rock & Blues Museum was open to the public, March 2019 (c) Shared Experiences USA

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