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A timely premiere: "Song for Sam Cooke (Here in America)"

Here's a timely premiere today: "Song for Sam Cooke (Here in America)," by Dion with Paul Simon. From his new "Blues with Friends" album, it recalls Dion's roadtrip nearby with Clarksdale-born Sam Cooke, and the complicated dynamics of race and freedom...even as two friends of different races shared both music and a journey.

"At any American moment, this vision of transcending racism, especially with these two voices on it, would resonate powerfully. But at this moment, as fires of rage are burning through a country already mortally wounded by the pandemic, this song of brotherhood, embodied by the spirit of Sam Cooke, is perfect."

Full story at American Songwriter:

"Song for Sam Cooke (Here in America)" by Dion with Paul Simon

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