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10 things to love about the Neshoba County Fair, a Mississippi summer classic

Official #bucketlist alert:

The #NeshobaCountyFair is a CLASSIC Mississippi experience.

Here's why "Mississippi's Giant Houseparty" is unlike any other:

  1. It's so quintessentially Mississippi, this #countyfair has its own state historic marker.

  2. It really is one giant house party, for kids and grown-ups alike: 600 colorful cabins create their own neighborhoods around the #neshobacountyfairgrounds and party on the front porch all week long.

  3. Even the #classiccar in the garage is extra magical here. Everything in this cabin town is just like home...only not.

  4. The fairground really does become its own town this one week a year. It even merits its own "Neshoba County Fair Station" #postoffice right next to the racetrack.

  5. The Pavilion on Founders' Square is a required stop for anyone running for major office in Mississippi. The historical marker declares, "Every major political figure since 1914 has spoken here, as well as nationally prominent politicians including candidates for U.S. president." Then-candidate Reagan gave his infamous states' rights speech here.

  6. Neshoba County has a devoted #4Hclub and variety of youth programs. The exhibit hall showcases everything from crops to art that's #GenuineMS grown, raised, crafted and made!

  7. For a uniquely Neshoba experience, check out a video of the "Chair Races" on the @NeshobaCountyFair Instagram. It's people+lawn chairs racing on the actual race track. It's mayhem. And somehow it all comes out looking all orderly and pretty like this. Neshoba magic.

  8. Other Neshoba County magic: @TraceAdkins back onstage at what he says is his favorite county fair in the whole country. Bet he tells all the cute country fairs that.

  9. #Carnival #midway ♥️

  10. Riding with friends in the bed of a pickup truck: #PERFECTSUMMER.

Just sayin: #VisitMS y'all.

Snapshots from the Neshoba County Fair 2021 (c) Shared Experiences USA


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