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Help from here & afar:

THANKS to all y'all who want to help!

Unfortunately we don't know 501(c)3s who are currently working on voter registration in Clarksdale and Coahoma County.  So we're supporting individual citizens doing the work on their own.

Kudos to Cassandra from CDRY Touring & Taxi for organizing local Voter Registration Drives herself!  If she's successful, she's hoping to do at least one a month throughout Coahoma County.

This is a non-partisan effort.  Whomever y'all vote for...thanks for encouraging everyone else to get out and VOTE!



All help welcome!  Every new face and pair of hands helps, if you can come for even an hour. (Setup, breakdown, and registration in between.) Text or call Cassandra to sign up: 662.313.8528


We're using Shared Experiences' payment mechanism to support this work -- just contact us and we'll send you info on how to donate.  You can do so via credit card, and we'll use the funds for things like sanitizer, masks, snacks, Xeroxes & other supplies to keep our volunteers and newly-registered voters happy and safe.

Spread the word:

Share this with friends in the Delta and beyond.  We're all in this together!

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