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Clarksdale award-winners: Kingfish & Tennessee Williams

Kingfish was just nominated for a Grammy!

This week in history, another child of Clarksdale was honored: as he was inducted into the Theater Hall of Fame alongside other luminaries, the NYT writes "the 'bravo'-studded applause was equally loud for Tennessee Williams, wearing a beard and looking fit. 'I have lost a few pounds,' he confided to the audience merrily, 'but gained some marbles.'"

Tom Williams grew up in Clarksdale, weaving local characters like Blanche Clark Cutrer and places like Moon Lake into his writing.

Kingfish has grown up here too, learning from local blues legends with the help of programs like the award-winning Delta Blues Museum - Clarksdale, Mississippi.

For one small town, we are one big wellspring of creativity.

Your hometown is proud of you, Christone "KINGFISH" Ingram -- congratulations!

New York Times, November 19, 1979


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