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Kindness & Southern Hospitality

"My favorite thing about Mississippi is the people..."

Turn sound ON to hear Chandra Williams, Sally Chow, and Bubba O'Keefe talking Southern hospitality, slowing down, and getting to know people. (...whether they know you or not! So #Mississippi😂)

"We have hospitality...Here in Clarksdale, people are kind to each other."

- Sally Chow

"My favorite thing about Mississippi is the people, without a doubt. People in Mississippi still have a sense of humanity that I think has been missing in other places. People still take care of each other. People still look after each other. They check on each other -- whether they know you or not."

- Chandra Williams

"It's just a place that you come and detox from the world. You don't have a busy busy schedule. It's about just slowing down and coming to get to know the people."

- Bubba O'Keefe

Celebrating #WorldKindnessDay -- today and every day.

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