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Jock Webb, Kingfish & Blues under 30

Jock Webb introduced Christone "KINGFISH" Ingram last night by pointing this out to everyone who fears the blues is dying:

Everyone (except Jock!) onstage was under the age of 30.

Here's Kingfish jamming with Jock and channeling BB King, with a few riffs of his own.

They played a couple songs with the Big Muddy Band, celebrating Rev. Slim and Keith Johnson's 28th birthday.

Keith is Muddy Waters' great-nephew, and as he sang that "papa was a rolling stone," his grandma and auntie chimed in online* from Leland and Rolling Fork, "y'all talking about my Daddy."

Yes ma'am, the blues is all right.

Catch the replay of Keith's first set Live From Clarksdale... and follow Kingfish as his new album drops this week and he takes the show on the road! He's bringing "662" and the next generation of blues to a town near you:

*We interact live with the musicians and audience on our broadcasts via everyone around the world and even Keith and Muddy Waters' extended Delta family can chat and juke up together. Pretty special.

Cover of B.B. King's The Thrill is Gone by Kingfish, Jock Webb & the Big Muddy Band, 2021


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