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Learning at the Delta Blues Museum & growing up in the Americana Music Triangle (video)

We’re celebrating International Museum Day at the Delta Blues Museum - Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Its award-winning youth education program has long preserved and continued Delta blues traditions, training the next generation of musicians here.

Kingfish was a teenager in the Delta Blues Museum Band when they were invited to the White House, and fellow graduates Lee Williams and Big A still teach there (when not touring internationally).

Here’s a fun anecdote about Lee’s mentor Razorblade, and the debut of a Delta Blues Museum Medley that he and alum Jaqueline “Jaxx” Nassar (aka “Butter Knife!”) created to showcase "DBM" classics they learned growing up here.

How's THAT for a museum both honoring history and creating the future?

Lee Williams & Jaxx Nassar debut the Delta Blues Museum Medley

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