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Celebrating Goat Fest!

We're celebrating the awesomeness that is Goat Fest by donating goats to families in need.

Goats are the gift that keeps giving: their babies generate generations of income as well as goat cheese, milk, yogurt, and manure that improves crop quality and yield.  It's an environmentally sustainable way small farmers (especially women) can earn a dignified living.

Goats are great for "zero grazing" -- they can be raised with very little land.  They're also great family pets!  And as Hank Burdine, a goat farmer and Goat Fest fan, says in a very Mississippi way: "they're quite prolific."

Heifer International works in 21 countries.  In addition to directly donating livestock (you can give the gift of alpacas, bees, and more via their online marketplace), they provide tools and trainings to lift people out of poverty.  Heifer works in the United States, too -- they support small-scale farmers right here in the Mississippi Delta.

Each goat costs $120, and shares are $10.  We passed a jar around -- and are building quite the Goat Fest herd!  Check our Facebook and Instagram post for how to join the herd via Venmo and PayPal, or learn more and give directly to Heifer on's gift catalog.

Thanks to Todd Laney and the Goat Fest crew (especially Joey and farmer Hank!) for supporting this initiative, and the legendary performers Cedric Burnside and Jimbo Mathus for so kindly opening their sets with Hank and Isaac the billy goat.  Catch both performances archived #LiveFromClarksdale.

Why goats?

Local farmer Hank Burdine explains what's so special about giving a goat:

Creative Social Impact

Goofy?  Maybe.  Fun?  Absolutely.  Life-changing?  YES.

Shared Experiences USA is a social impact company.  We connect people, and support good work in the Mississippi Delta and beyond.  We launched Live From Clarksdale immediately as the pandemic struck, to support the community and keep the blues alive here.  As people begin to travel again, we'll offer tours, volunteer experiences, and more.


...Including live goats at festivals.  Because we can all do seriously good work while having a seriously good time.

Want Hank and Heifer to come to a festival or event near you?  Bring it on.

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