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Black History 

Delta Resources, Experiences & Events:
February & all year long

History without Walls:  Share an Experience!

We believe you don't need a museum to tell your stories.  We are SO! proud! to launch:

Clarksdale's Black History Experience

Open to both travelers & our community

Saturdays | 11am & 4pm

Leaving from the front porch of Ground Zero

Led by Brenda Luckett & locals who grew up in the community, and developed in partnership with Shared Experiences.  For details and the calendar of future tours, click Book Now below:

Intersections:  Blues, Civil Rights, Farming and...

Black History isn't merely past -- it's present.

It's more than civil rights.  More than music -- blues, gospel, jazz...  It's overlapping, complicated, personal histories experienced as both individuals and communities.

We're exploring these intersections.  Come join the journey, and travel with local leaders, bluesmen, and others along theirs.

Here's a sample of intersections we've explored:

Black History Conversations #LiveFromClarksdale

Black History Month in the Mississippi Delta

To honor Black History Month 2021, we hosted Black History Conversations #LiveFromClarksdale.  Conversations covered different themes before each show:

All were broadcast live and are archived online: 

Saturday 2/6 6pm: MUSIC

Terry Harmonica Bean in conversation with Ed Whitfield

Red's Lounge

Saturday 2/13 noon:  CIVIL RIGHTS & CHURCHES

Dr. Jimmy Wiley in conversation with Dr. Claudett Williams  |  Live music:  Lucious Spiller

Future home of the North Mississippi Civil Rights Museum,

on the site of Dr. Aaron Henry's 4th St. Drugstore  (check website for indoor location IF needed)

Martin Luther King & Yazoo  too cold!  New location: Lucious' "juke church" :)

Online at

Saturday 2/20 noon:  BUSINESS

Johnny Newson  |  Live music:  Anthony "Big A" Sherrod

Messenger's, Martin Luther King & Yazoo

Friday 2/26 noon:  TRAVEL

Brenda Luckett  |  Live music:  Terry "Big T" Williams

Visit Clarksdale, 326 Blues Alley

Every day, local leader and teacher Brenda Luckett shared her own experiences with an important figure in the community -- some well-known, and some not (yet)!  Follow her stories on Brenda's Black History page.

Here is JoAnn Blue's conversation with Johnny Newson, followed by a performance by Big A Sherrod, Preston Rumbaugh & Lee Williams inside the historic Messenger's pool hall:

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