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Stay with us!

The Shared Experiences Chateau

is now on Airbnb.


Welcome to our chateau! Ours is the only house you can rent downtown.


Our home was built in 1915, and we're modernizing along with it. This is the living room (adjoining an office/bar)...


Here's the sunroom, which feels kinda like a treehouse. The leather fold-out has a foam topper, so it becomes a 3rd bedroom during festivals. We also use it as a second office & upstairs living room. Or yoga room.


The kitchen is equipped like our own, from garlic press to avocado oil. Bigger than pictured, it has a full-sized pantry, fridge, coffee-maker, immersion blender, citrus juicer etc. Emergency frozen pizza not pictured but included (break glass in case of midnight munchies).


LOVE: Enjoy the moments that make you smile.


Did we mention the house is really big? (As far as Yankee city slickers are concerned.) There's a reading nook in each bedroom (#priorities). This is the master bedroom, with seating area and full bathroom inside.


There's hypoallergenic memory foam bedding with multiple comforter weights. When we're not buying expensive linens online, you'll find as much as possible here is locally, sustainably sourced. Vintage bicentennial spoons, for instance.


This Old House has cool old sinks. And other such quirks. This is one of two built-in bathroom cabinets, and one of three closets in the master bedroom. You won't run out of places to store your stuff.

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We're excited to share our BOOKS with you! Beyond the usual local blues tourism (which is great), we love sharing and discussing other elements of our lives and history here...


Tennessee Williams grew up one block away -- you can almost see his granddad's rectory from our front door. Many people and places in Clarksdale became characters in his plays: it's kind of like discovering Lake Wobegon is real, and you can still go there.


Ever seen soybeans in real life? This is what they look like! We picked them ourselves.

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